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“On behalf the membership, I am pleased to welcome you to the web site of the Quartzsite Yacht Club. As it was with our founding Commodore, Al Madden, the club is founded on humor, wit and an active imagination. This legacy is still very much alive. In addition to the pool games, music, and dancing of the early days, the Yacht Club now includes a restaurant, horse race betting and always lots of fun.

Quartzsite Yacht Club proudly claims to be famous for having the world’s largest yacht club membership. Our members often find membership is worth it.

You see, apparently it didnt take long for our members to find that a good majority of Yacht Clubs around the country offer reciprocal memberships, which means that those belonging to another club can present their card and gain access without a fee. Some members have even used their wallet cards to be admitted to exclusive yacht clubs all over the world.

We hope you come visit u, become a member and enjoy all that the Quartzsite Yacht Club offers.”

Quartsite Yacht Club Restaurant, Bar & Grill


Business and Mailing Address:

1090 W. Main Street
Quartzsite, AZ 85346


(928) 927-6331


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Quartzsite Yacht Club Restaurant, Bar & Grill
1090 W Main St
Quartzsite, AZ, 85346
(928) 927-6331